DS Domination Scam Warning

D$ Domination is a Scam?

DS Domination went into beta launch on August 23rd. DS Domination is run by Roger Langille who has earned up to 7-figures in one year just selling or “dropshipping” items on eBay.

The program and course is $19.95 per month, the cost is low but the question that you are probably asking is “does this actually work”?

The answer is Yes. This isn’t one of those GET RICH make millions in one night scam, it does take time and we have many people who join make $1,000 or $2,000 there very first month just following the course- how awesome is that for just a few minutes of work here and there?

The concept of DS Domination is to take items at a low price (sometimes wholesale, or just from Amazon) then markup the price so there is a little bit of profit involved, the markup could be a $5 profit, $20 profit or even more- it depends on you.

As you will see (in the video shown below)  how it actually works. eBay has been in business for over 15 years. This is a rock solid program that actually does work!

Here are what others are saying about the service/product:

Selling from Amazon to eBay is the easiest. It’s not the main focus and Roger clearly states that amazon is just to get started and understand the ropes – after that there are a bunch of other product sources that he goes over.

As for the DSD side – I’m obviously involved in that as well – it’s ore updated training than the previous ebay one, but there are afew others things in here:

1. On the webinar last night they covered how they connect into cpa offers to provide cashflow to help source products and sell on ebay in case you don’t have any funds to get going.

2. They said they have additional software coming out that currently costs $70+ per month.

I’m only involved in this as a customer. Have no intention of promoting, don’t need to. There’s cpa stuff, ebay sales, sales on other locations, commissions from amazon and cash back from some of the sources.



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