How DS Domination Works – Full Review

DS Domination Review

There are four parts to the core DS Domination model: DS Domination Pro, DS Domination Elite, DS Domination Unleashed, and DS Domination Monopoly



In DS Domination Pro, members are taught how to copy product images and descriptions from Amazon’s website, and then paste those images and descriptions into Ebay to sell them. Generally, you will make net profits of $5 to $30 per sale.

DS Domination Pro Webinars
There are previous DS Domination Pro recorded training webinars available here (3 as of this writing). There is also a sign-up link for all future bi-weekly live training webinars that are held on Wednesdays. The live webinars are recorded and uploaded in here for future reference. All of the webinars are content rich and exciting.

DS Domination Pro Step-by-Step Training Videos
There are step-by-step video tutorials that cover everything from creating accounts at Amazon, Ebay and Paypal to proper use of images, product titles and shipping details.

List of DS Domination Pro Videos:

  • DS Domination Pro Overview
  • Moving forward with Ebay drop-shipping
  • How to set up your Ebay selling account
  • Outside the United States members information
  • Listing your first item
  • Products to avoid
  • Listing anatomy & adjusting product images
  • Speeding up your listing
  • Titles and more on the drop shipper spider
  • Critical information
  • International item location
  • Why 18% fail and the pitfalls to avoid
  • Shipping from Amazon
  • What if Paypal is holding my money
  • Customer returns
  • Lifting Ebay limits
  • Multiple accounts on Ebay
  • Resolving problem orders
  • Extra video caution
  • Titles key to success
  • Ebay fee calculator
  • Amazon sales tax information

Four Graduation Presents
After working through all the DS Domination Pro training videos there are ‘Graduation Presents’ that includes:

  • DS Domination Amazon Scraper: A software tool that automates the Amazon research process.
  • DS Domination Automated Title Builder: A software tool that automates the Ebay title building process.
  • DS Domination Imager: A software tool that automates the Ebay imaging building process.
  • Sales Tracker Spreadsheet: Excel sales tracking spreadsheet configured to simplify your business.

DS Domination Pro Summary – DS Domination Review

  • Difficulty Level: 1-2
  • Profitability: 5/10
  • Rating: 7/10

Comments: DS Domination Pro is as easy as it gets to make money selling on Ebay. Once your Amazon, Ebay and Paypal accounts are opened, it’s a simple copy-n-paste method following the guidelines taught in the training videos. The training webinars are no-fluff content filled events which make for a great resource.

Anyone with basic computer skills can do this and expect to make between $12 and $18 per sale subjectively. Scaling up is simple by continually listing more and more products, and this can easily be outsourced to family, friends, or to an inexpensive outsourcing service.


In DS Domination Elite, members are taught additional platforms for both buying and selling products and taught how to use tracking programs to help manage your business and increase sales volumes. Plus, there’s a software program that automatically scrapes Ebay looking for products that match the criteria taught in DS Domination Pro (and this is a huge time saver).

DS Domination Elite is designed for members looking to make $50 to $200 per sale. In addition to the per sale profits, DS Domination Elite members receive a special bonus that provides a way to make an additional $300 to $500 each week.

DS Domination Elite Webinars
There are previous DS Domination Elite recorded training webinars available here (3 as of this writing). There is also a sign-up link for all future bi-weekly live training webinars that are held on Friday’s. The live webinars are recorded and uploaded in here for future reference. All of the webinars are content rich and exciting.

DS Domination Elite Step-by-Step Training Videos
The DS Domination Elite training videos cover tutorials cover the following addition platforms and services.

List of DS Domination Elite Videos:
Notice: I replaced the brand names with ♦♦♦ to protect DS Domination proprietary information.

  • DS Domination Elite Overview
  • How to supercharge Amazon
  • In the beginning there was ♦♦♦
  • Beating the competition with ♦♦♦
  • It will cost you money not to use ♦♦♦
  • How to use ♦♦♦
  • Using ♦♦♦
  • Easily selling your Ebay items on ♦♦♦
  • ♦♦♦ on steroids
  • You never lose / free money
  • Bonus Module: The International Bargain Cave
  • Crushing it with ♦♦♦ in the UK
  • ♦♦♦ for serious UK sellers who want serious profits
  • ♦♦♦ incredible deals on ♦♦♦ and more
  • ♦♦♦ has it all

DS Domination Elite Summary – DS Domination Review

  • Difficulty Level: 2-3
  • Profitability: 6/10
  • Rating: 8/10

Comments: DS Domination Elite is a fast and easy upgrade to DS Domination Pro. The difficulty level doesn’t change from being nearly ‘stupid-simple’, but I raised the difficulty level slightly because of the small learning curve of the tracking program.

DS Domination Elite is basically the same as DS Domination Pro but with more products to choose from, and the Ebay scraping software that can cut your research time down dramatically, it’s a great and recommended upgrade.


In DS Domination Elite, members are taught additional product platforms. One of the new source platforms was Roger’s bread and butter product source with its near endless supply of profitable products to sell.

DS Domination Unleashed also introduces the process of having products actually shipped to you, and then shipped out to the customer. Unlike the other modules there is a small risk as you are pre-buying the products (at deeply discounted prices).

DS Domination Unleashed Step-by-Step Training Videos
The additional resources are explained including how to navigate the various platforms from the research to the purchase of the products.

DS Domination Unleashed Video List:
Notice: I replaced the brand names with ♦♦♦ to protect DS Domination proprietary information.

  • DS Domination Unleashed Overview
  • ♦♦♦ a trillion items? (Roger’s Top Choice)
  • ♦♦♦ super cheap supplier
  • Like tools? Introducing the ♦♦♦
  • ♦♦♦, ♦♦♦ and more

DS Domination Unleashed Summary – DS Domination Review

  • Difficulty Level: 3
  • Profitability: 8/10
  • Rating: 8/10

Comments: Again, I slightly raised the difficulty level only due to the additional sources. The money making process is virtually the same. I found the additional sources in DS Domination Unleashed to be awesome… one of which I’d never heard of before and I am still shocked at the low prices.

Without divulging the source or the product, it is in DS Domination Unleashed that I found my niche with a product I was already very familiar with. That was a surprise bonus for me, even though it really doesn’t matter whether or not I know anything about the products I’m selling.


In DS Domination Monopoly, members are taught to reverse the DS Domination model to start selling items on Amazon. In addition, there is a technique taught on placing products for sale on Amazon where you will be the only vendor – getting every sale – creating a monopoly on the product. Plus, there’s a UPC code creation system built into the DS Domination Monopoly section (UPC codes are required when selling products on Amazon).

DS Domination Monopoly Step-by-Step Training Videos
There is a ton of content in these videos. Every aspect of selling products on Amazon is covered from creation of the Amazon seller account to creation of the UPC codes.

DS Domination Monopoly Video List:
Notice: I replaced the brand names with ♦♦♦ to protect DS Domination proprietary information.

  • DS Domination Monopoly Overview
  • Setting up your Amazon account
  • How to list an item on Amazon
  • Ebay to ♦♦♦ to Amazon
  • Finishing your listing
  • More Amazon listing surprises
  • Can you feel the money
  • Completing your order
  • Saving 25% on your purchases part 1
  • Saving 25% on your purchases part 2
  • Exploding Amazon profits with everything you already know
  • Get your UPC codes
  • Keywords for Amazon Listings
  • Coming attractions
  • Searching keywords for your product title
  • Creating your listing title key to success
  • Optimizing your Amazon description
  • Increasing your product rank with reviews
  • Optional rank booster with YouTube
  • Roger’s secret Amazon weapon
  • International Information
  • Supplier and techniques overview
  • Supplier and techniques using ♦♦♦
  • Supplier and techniques sourcing

DS Domination Monopoly Summary – DS Domination Review

  • Difficulty Level: ?
  • Profitability: ?
  • Rating: ?

Comments: I have not yet begun using DS Domination Monopoly and have only skimmed through a couple of the training videos. From a 30,000 foot view it looks robust with many moving parts. I plan to revisit this page to present my DS Domination Monopoly review but only after I’ve given it a real world testing.


This looked like a really interesting concept on the surface, and is much more than that in reality. I haven’t found anything in the course that was ‘over sold’, and plenty of ‘over delivery’ which is always nice to find. Roger Langille and Hitesh Juneja are engaging and enjoyable educators on the webinars where they answer and explain every question thoroughly.

The DS Domination sales page, Facebook comments and various other messages found online regarding DS Domination are correct in suggesting that it is a unique, easy to use method of quickly making money online. I personally started making money within 3 days of purchasing my membership and I didn’t spend much time studying the materials (approx 6 hours in total over 3 days). My non-techie wife is now a DS Girl and I am helping our kids do the same.

I found DS Domination to be a great investment on many fronts including:

Ease of Use (9/10)
My wife is the greatest, most beautiful lady I’ve ever met and I love her dearly. When it comes to technology, she weighs-in at around 5… out of 100. Seriously, she struggles with a browser and to her, copy-n-paste involves a copy machine and that glue some kids ate in kindergarten. Because you found this article, and have read this far, I know if she can to this, you can do this.

Cost of Entry (8/10)
Yes, your time is valuable and should be considered as a cost of doing business. I have no way of knowing how long it would take for you to grasp the DS Domination concept and put it into action. Earlier, I referred to parts of this program as ‘stupid-simple’ because it is that easy. Since the monetary cost starts out at $19.95 and because members are taught to start making money right away in DS Domination Pro, I think the cost of entry here is very low.

Uniqueness (?/?)
The nature of the DS Domination concept doesn’t require it to be unique at all. You’re simply providing the very same products that hundreds of thousands of people are purchasing every day, and operating as a distributor of those products in the digital sales arena that is the 21st century retail channel. Uniqueness in this case is only important from the DS Domination Affiliate Marketing / Network Marketing Program point of view.

DS Domination Affiliate Marketing / Network Marketing Program?

Yes, DS Domination has an affiliate marketing program that is also a network marketing program. I haven’t been actively promoting any network marketing program for a while, and I only recently began to revisit network marketing, which is partly why I didn’t review this element of DS Domination.

I joined the DS Domination network marketing program, but until I have some number of months experience working the plan, I won’t be reviewing that element of DS Domination.

In the meantime, there are tools designed for the DS Domination Affiliate Marketing / Network Marketing Program should you choose to participate:

  • Affiliate training webinars both recorded and live on-going.
  • Promotional tools including links to sales page, recorded webinars, and banners.
  • Bonus: Craigslist Marketing Training (video course)
  • Additional DS Domination Opportunities

DS Domination Market Xtreme Pack
Designed for the DS Domination network marketing element, the DS Domination Market Xtreme Pack is for those looking for online marketing help and information. Here you can set-up lead generation links, buy traffic and buy leads. The DS Domination Xtreme Pack allows you to take advantage of hundreds of thousands of dollars in online advertising investment made by DS Domination.

There’s an overview video and training videos on setting up Aweber and Getresponse autoresponders. The videos feature DS Domination co-founder Kevin Hokoana and as a bonus, he includes his Networking Insight online marketing training course (see below).

Network Insights Online Marketing Program
This course is included with the Market Xtreme Pack. I only skimmed through the pages on the course, but I didn’t want to leave you with the impression that this was just some little add-on. From my cursory view, this looks very robust. I counted 33 videos and there are multiple resource links, etc. There are sections on sales funnel, traffic formula, Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing and using Craigslist. Although I’m not doing so, this looks like it could have a review all its own.

Thank You!

I hope this review has given you insight into DS Domination that is valuable.

Thank you for reading.


DS Domination Testimonials

Still Not Sure about DSD?

Dropship domination has changed millions of lives. This is not a hyped up program where you have to sponsor thousands of people into the business to make money. In fact you dont need to sign a single person up to make money.

If you are capable of copy and paste and following training videos you will have results just like these people:

Facebook Testimonials:


Join with somebody that is going to be a mentor and give you results.

We have the winning team, marketing and training! We will help take you to the next level


Dropship Domination is Dominating!

D$ Domination

Affiliates Love it and so do Customers….


Hello everyone,

I am sure a lot of you are hearing the buzz about DS Domination and wondering why its so great. A lot of people are thinking this is just another MLM or recruiting business but it’s not, because we are going to show you that there are such positive results from both sides and in fact there are actually many more customers using the product and training.


D$ Domination is a dropshipping program and training that has been put together by Roger Langille who has been a top seller on EBay almost 10 years and was doing more than 7 figures a year with this simple process. Training includes ideas on which products to post, how to post correctly and make profit whether you are new to selling on eBay or experienced.

Here is the Course overview:

Module 1: Moving Forward with eBay Dropshipping.
Module 2: How to Set Up your eBay Selling Account.
Module 3: Outside the United States Start Here.
Module 4: Listing Your First Item.
Module 5: Listing Your Anatomy and Adjusting your Product Picture.
Module 6: Speeding up your Listing.
Module 7: Titles and More on Drop Shipping Spider.
Module 8: Alert Alert Critical Info.
Module 9: International Item Location.
Module 10: Why 18% Fail? Avoid these Pitfalls.
Module 11: Shipping from Amazon.
Module 12: What is PayPal is Holding My Money.
Module 13: Customer Returns.
Module 14: Lifting eBay Limits.
Module 15: Multiple Accounts on eBay.
Module 16: Resolving Problem Orders.
Module 17: Extra Video Caution.
Module 18: Titles Key to Success.
Module 19: eBay Fee Calculator.
Module 20: Watch Over Roger’s Shoulder as he Finds Products and Lists them on eBay.

Each of the above modules and separate videos that show you step-by-step on how to perform that task. Everyone that sells on ebay (novice to expert) can find benefit here.

Example of how dropshipping works:

Step 1: Buyer goes to eBay and finds a TV he likes. Most buyers don’t shop around for the lowest price or they dont have access to wholesale accounts like you do.

Step 2: List the product over on eBay. Buyer sends funds first and you purchase the product and keep the profit

Step 3: Ship the product from the the site. You never even have to touch or see the product. Profit is yours!

eBay Sales for just one month of following the training!



Here are some actual testimonials from customers using DS Domination


There are literally thousands of reviews all over Rogers page and the company fan page..

The product and training is only $19.95 and 84% of the people are in profit their very first month just from following the simple training videos.

The Affiliate Side

For an additional $9.95 per month you can join the affiliate program where you can earn commissions on your downline. This is optional and is not required to earn in the program.

Earn 50% on Level 1 – So refer 2 and it is free!
Earn 10% on Level 2
Earn 5% on Level 3
Earn 3% on Level 4
Earn 2% on Level 5
Earn 1% on Level 6 to 10

The business converts to long-time sales and residual income because of the high success rate people are having selling on eBay.

Look at some recent sales:


My actual results from just 3 weeks all on autopilot = Sick Conversions to sales and upgrades… RESIDUAL INCOME



When you join OUR amazing teambuild we have a co-op for all the affiliates and we also have free capture pages and auto-responders

This landing page you gets is converting at over 60%



And The Co-Op


Not only will you get a great product which you can learn and train on, you will also learn how to promote the affiliate side. We give all our team members free capture pages, autoresponders and training to promote the business along with access to our co-op which has produced well over 200 sign-ups in under 3 weeks!

Get Instant Access today!


DSD and Facebook

Watch the Video and use the ad copies on Facebook Groups or Classifieds with your capture page to promote the business.

AD COPIES – Just Copy and Paste with Your Link:

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Earn an easy $500-$1,000 a month with copy and paste

Become a top seller on eBay

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eBay Selling Secrets Revealed

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Make Money with eBay
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Want to Learn how to sell on eBay?
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Join DS Domination Sign Up Today

After doing research on a program you are probably ready to jump the gun and get started

DS Domination is by far one of the most viral and fastest growing programs that just launched because it works!

Look at the rankings jump in under one month:


Dropshipping: Sell High. Buy Low

The money always comes to you first. Meaning if I am a person looking to buy a computer I pay you through eBay first which it goes into your account, then you go find the product somewhere else where its cheaper then the remainder is all profit.

It sounds so simple as if you could go off and do it right now, but DS Domination will give you the step by step training on how to post your listings correctly so that they reach more people based on several factors like: title, selling history etc…

If you follow the course and according to proven statistics 83% of members are profitable their very first month.

Look at the Google Hangout Webinar with the Owner Roger Langille and the other top leaders who are using this program:

It’s Very Possible to have $400, $700 and even $1,000 days..


This concept works- if you know where to go and how to use the resources shown in the video its very easy to make a lot of profit with eBay.

eBay already has a reputation and its  a known fact that millions of users visit the site daily which means making sales is really easy as 1… 2… 3…

THE bottom line: follow the system and get paid.

If you are ready to get started then join our team, we have a co-op and lead generation system to get you sales for the affiliate side of the program.

Click Here to Watch the Video and Join

DS Domination Scam Warning

D$ Domination is a Scam?

DS Domination went into beta launch on August 23rd. DS Domination is run by Roger Langille who has earned up to 7-figures in one year just selling or “dropshipping” items on eBay.

The program and course is $19.95 per month, the cost is low but the question that you are probably asking is “does this actually work”?

The answer is Yes. This isn’t one of those GET RICH make millions in one night scam, it does take time and we have many people who join make $1,000 or $2,000 there very first month just following the course- how awesome is that for just a few minutes of work here and there?

The concept of DS Domination is to take items at a low price (sometimes wholesale, or just from Amazon) then markup the price so there is a little bit of profit involved, the markup could be a $5 profit, $20 profit or even more- it depends on you.

As you will see (in the video shown below)  how it actually works. eBay has been in business for over 15 years. This is a rock solid program that actually does work!

Here are what others are saying about the service/product:

Selling from Amazon to eBay is the easiest. It’s not the main focus and Roger clearly states that amazon is just to get started and understand the ropes – after that there are a bunch of other product sources that he goes over.

As for the DSD side – I’m obviously involved in that as well – it’s ore updated training than the previous ebay one, but there are afew others things in here:

1. On the webinar last night they covered how they connect into cpa offers to provide cashflow to help source products and sell on ebay in case you don’t have any funds to get going.

2. They said they have additional software coming out that currently costs $70+ per month.

I’m only involved in this as a customer. Have no intention of promoting, don’t need to. There’s cpa stuff, ebay sales, sales on other locations, commissions from amazon and cash back from some of the sources.